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About us

TIC Žalec

In the city center

Žalec tourist information centre

The Žalec Tourist Information Centre provides a variety of tourist information about the Municipality of Žalec and its vicinity, free promotional materials about Žalec, its surroundings and Slovenia, and sells souvenirs and tickets for the events that take place at the Dom II. slovenskega tabora Žalec.

You can rent a green bike as well as visit the exhibition about the architectural history of the old Žalec town square.

Savin's house

In the Savin House you can see the composer’s memorial room, the Jelica Žuža gallery, the gallery of artists from the Savinjska region and the current visiting exhibition at the Savin’s fine arts salon.


Adress: Šlandrov trg 25, Žalec

Telephone: 03 710 04 34

E-mail: tic@zkst-zalec.si